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    pretty much the same thing

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    • 英文單字 angry和mad 有何不同?該如何使用?

      This pretty much sums up what this question is all about. Good job... a common misconception that 'mad' and 'angry' mean the same thing. The definitions are different! 很多人都以為...

    • 英文高手請進~(中文翻譯英文)

      ...the latter part of the sentence has (I picked one for you), which pretty much means the same thing. Also, I changed “pictures” to “picture...

    • 有關an inconvenient truth電影的問題!

      ...varnish on it", "the thickness of that varnish relative to that globe is pretty much the same as the thickness of the Earth's atmosphere" 4.good thing: because it keeps the temperature of the Earth within certain...