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  1. pretty penny

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    • 1. 一大筆錢 It costs a pretty penny to keep a car nowadays because of the high price of petrol. 由於汽油價格高, 現在擁有一輛汽車要耗費一大筆錢。



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    • 徵~~~一篇短文!

      Pretty Penny by Bella One morning there was a... not pretty at all!" they replied. Pretty Penny knew this was untrue because all the ...

    • pay a pretty penny ??!

      a pretty/ fine penny 是指"一大筆錢" 所以是說付了一大筆錢,另外還有一個說法: cost / pay an arm and a leg 例: The car cost me a pretty/ fine penny. The car cost me an arm and a leg.

    • 請問錢花的實在值得,這句話要怎麼寫? was well-spent. 4. The skirt I bought was so pretty. It worths every penny of it.