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  1. prevail on


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    • 1. 說服;勸說 We prevailed on her to sing. 我們說服她唱歌。 We'll try to prevail on him to accept the invitation. 我們將盡力說服他接受邀請。
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    • Prevail and prevailing rate.

      > 但是我不懂 at the prevailing rate...是指? Prevailing rate is the interest rate (your bank decide to charge you for the balance on your card) that is: 1. commonly accepted and used by...

    • Upon用法

      ...object for "upon". for "I could ever be prevailed upon him to do so", "him" your fingertips. Now, "on" vs "upon": Sometimes, both are...

    • 4.冷卻水塔基本知識翻譯中文 感恩!

      ...the buoyancy effect. Many early cooling towers relied only on prevailing wind to generate the draft of air. 風扇輔助的自然牽引冷卻塔使用機械的牽引來增加...