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    prevail over

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    • 有關prevail這個字的用法(15點)

      prevail : prevail +(over / against sth)(formal) (思想、觀點等) 被接受; 戰勝; 壓倒ex: Justice will...戰勝暴虐。) For tunately, common sense prevailed. (幸而理智佔了上風。)prevail +(over / against sb)(formal) (尤指長時間鬥爭後)戰勝,挫敗 We prevailed over...

    • 幫我造幾句英文的俚語

      ...often tint our views. 2. dead tree E-books are prevailing over those dead-tree editions(指陳舊的印刷品) in recent years as they...

    • 急需英文翻譯高手(the carpenters)

      ... of many recording companies when the predominant acid rock prevailed over then American music industry. It was not realized until...