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  1. preventative

    • IPA[prɪˈventətɪv]



    • adj.
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    • ” volume applications ”是什麼意思呢

      MCMSoC is intended for volume applications and as such will have considerable cost advantages MCMSoC是要用於大量應用上,也因此具有相當大的成本優勢 preventative maintenance 預防性的維護

    • 英文文獻翻譯中文QQ

      ...high risk of a specific disease, and to offer those identified a proven preventative action that would be too expensive or hazardous for general use, with the ultimate aim of prevention...

    • 請問有人能幫我完整翻譯這段文章嗎@@?3Q

      ... on vitamins and other probably useless treatments or preventatives. 人們有各種關於怎麼避免和治療疾病的方法 有些人認為如果你吃很多洋蔥或...