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    • 捕食,掠奪;折磨,使苦惱被捕食的動物,犧牲品
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    • ”Bird-of-Prey”???

      食肉鳥;猛禽,如老鷹也稱為 predator

    • 請問getting faked out by prey的意思

      在追逐獵物時,這些獵豹多半只用牠們全速的一半來跑。因為在較慢的速度下,牠們才能迅速地減速及再加速,好能應付獵物突然的急轉彎,才不致被獵物擺脫。 to top out = If a rate tops out, it reaches its highest level to fake out = to trick someone by...

    • 英文句子解釋

      ...risk that comes with undergoing an opeartion is falling prey to some kind of infection. 接受手術治療的最大風險常常是成為各種發炎後遺症的...