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  1. prey on

    • ph.
      捕食(動物等);使某人成為受害者; 剝削; 掠奪
    • 釋義


    • 1. 捕食(動物等) hawks preying on small birds 捕食小鳥的老鷹
    • 2. 使某人成為受害者; 剝削; 掠奪 a confidence trickster preying on rich widows 一個玩弄花招使一些闊寡婦上當的騙子 The villagers were preyed on by bandits from the hills. 村民們受到山裡強盜搶劫。
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      12~14號 conservationist (保育人士) prey on(something)(掠育;捕食) erode(侵蝕) clamp down on (somthing)(鎮壓;嚴加...infer(推論;推測) out-of-the-blue(突然的;意外的) get a handle on(應付;處理) transplant(移植物) fundamental(基礎的;根本的) ...