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    • determine請問這個單字的意思

      Maybe our marketing department can conduct a survey to determine whether high prices are affecting our competitiveness. 也許我們的行銷部門可以做...

    • 這句英文要怎麼翻?

      ...22:29 補充: staying connected 保持著通訊狀態 The high price of staying connected. 保持著通訊狀態要付出昂貴的代價

    • 請問texting and Wi-Fi 是什麼意思?

      ...其他意思,我不確定所以先留著), About 82% of survey respondents agreed with the statement “...more attractive than voice-calling, provided the price is right 在長途飛行中,傳簡訊以及無線上網或許...