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    • 無價的,極其珍貴的
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    • priceless? invaluable? 10點!!

      ...上的解釋較能說明兩者的差異: invaluable:extremely useful priceless: 1. extremely valuable 2. a quality or skill that is priceless...用在 love 上(不管你是愛情或親情)就有點奇怪了。 priceless 反而比較適合,但是更好的詮釋可以用 immeasurable(無法...

    • 請幫忙英文短片字幕:Visa priceless video

      ...intercom. 21. Having a girlfriend's who's father has a sense of humor: priceless. 22. There is something money can't buy. 23. For everything else...

    • 這個句子可以這樣翻嗎?

      ...的任何東西都是無價的 Whatever items in this show room is priceless. Everything in this show room is priceless. Whatever 任何...