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  1. prime mover

    • IPA[ˌprīm ˈmo͞ovər]


    • n.
      a person or establishment that is chiefly responsible for the creation or execution of a plan or project.;an initial natural or mechanical source of motive power.
    • noun: prime mover, plural noun: prime movers

  2. 知識+

    • prime & best 這兩個單字的差異與用法?

      ...用prime Ex: prime cost 主要成本 prime minister 首相 prime mover 原動力 prime time 黃金時段 Her prime motive was personal...

    • 翻譯: 貨櫃聯結車,雲梯車,農耕機

      ...quot;, because this kind of vehicle has TWO separate units: traitor (prime mover, has the power to pull), trailer (the cargo where stuffs for ...

    • 有高手能幫忙將這二句翻成中文嗎

      (1) 它還包括在回收產業鏈頂端的報廢車再利用與替代零件及再生材料的供應之間的關係。 (2) 一個全體性產品體系的概念引起另外一些問題,包括Fortwo車發展階段的原始推動者和主要供應商(稱為系統的合作夥伴)之間的關係和製造業原有的環保問題對這些關係的衝擊。