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    • 用英文解釋這首詩

      ...superiority of the time of youth." So, do not be shy, just make good use of time and seize the day. Hold the youth and go marry because you have only once the prime(青春). If losing your time, you may forever remain unmarried...

    • 拜請英譯 樂音承載回憶的能力

      ... notes 保存永恆鮮活之青春 Store eternal living youth Age wane fast Fair past prime As notes of memory breathe Life bestow itself on eternity and youth 若有問題,再...

    • 翻譯英文-----有誰可以幫我翻譯英文呢?!!!!!!

      巴黎(路透社) - 青年時期投擲了Molotov 雞尾酒在警察和torched 汽車在幾個法國城市和鎮在暴力第13 夜, 忽略很少半新緊急法律的政府的稅收。 在星期三維持治安前述, 573 輛車全國各地是被設置的起火隔夜, 下來從860 夜以前。一位官員認為事件是分散的。人數 廣告 扣留...