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    • 請問波蘭海報比賽的printed works

      printed works which have been published. 重點在 which have been published 曾經出版發行過的 要的是-- 曾經出版發行過的印刷品/印刷刊物

    • 幫忙翻譯公司行號名字

      英文 : 1. The good drop design prints the work room 2. Good drop advertisement marketing Limited company 日文 : 1. よい低下の設計は作業室を印刷する 2. よい低下広告マーケティングの有限会社

    • 幾個英文單字的英翻英

      ... suspect) on a police register. BOOK (n.) 1. a written or printed work of fiction or nonfiction, usually on sheets of paper fastened or ...