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    • 請英文達人幫我修改一下句子

      ...currently working as an english teacher assistant and also a sales personnel in a private education insitute. 英文跟中文是不ㄧ樣的...沒有前後只改句子很難 2007-04-10 01:18...

    • 想請問一下Education systems of TW

      "Education systems of Taiwan and Education ...等等 以上資料希望可以給你給你參考,不足處你可以用"education (system) of New South Wales" & "...

    • edcation system in Florida(急)

      ... a combination of two- and four-year, public and private, upper- and lower-division, and technical and professional... 2 indicates that 83 percent of higher education enrollment in Florida is in public higher...