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  1. privation

    • IPA[praɪˈveɪʃn]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:privations

  2. 知識+

    • 求英文範文!!!!

      ..., in the agricultural society in early days, life is relatively in privation, take chicken , pork at ordinary times, only in joyous to may be had an...

    • of在英文中的詞性問題??

      ... naturally used in the expression of the notions of removal, separation, privation, derivation, origin or source, starting-point, spring of action, cause, agent, instrument...

    • 有關英文中of的功能--英翻中

      從原始意義來看,of 很自然地被用來表示以下的概念:移除、分開、喪失、由來、起源、起點、行動的根源、原因、媒介關係、工具或手段、原料、以及其他意義等,而以上都是有關"從XX取走"、"來自XX"、"從XX出現"、"起因於XX"的概念。