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  1. proabortion

    • KK[͵proəˋbɔrʃən]
    • DJ[͵prəuəˋbɔ:ʃən]


    • adj.
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    • 95年英文指考的文章翻譯?翻譯機的不算喔!拜託各位

      ... when they see the pictures—it’s wonderful.” How have pro-abortion activists reacted after seeing the happy, grinning ...

    • as much as怎麼翻...

      ...之外」: But for the last few decades, the dialogue around abortion in the United States has left little room for anything [beyond] pro-life and pro-choice. It's political and polarizing. 可是近幾十年...

    • 英文翻成中文~~~急!!20點

      ... Committee(NRLC) and congressional pro-life leaders in the States after ... for eight years to make Partial-birth Abortion illegal. 墮胎是一個年代已久一直備受爭議的問題,且是...