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  1. probability density


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    • 徵求 翻譯高手 翻譯以下內容

      ... table of outcomes is called a probability function or a probability density function. 當離散隨機變數的值和發生機會一起列出時,它的結果所產生的表格...

    • what's lognormal distribution?

      ...astronomical data using them,[1] and defined the equation of its probability density function. It is often called the bell curve because the graph of...

    • 英文如何翻譯成中文,才能符合英文原意?

      ...mean is at least. 觀測值的百分比至少在平均數的K標準差範圍內 2. probability density function & joint density function 機率密度函數 & 聯合機率密度函數 說明: http...