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    • problem

      ...動詞粉多,看需要語意而定阿 2010-06-07 14:42:44 補充: 紅豆大大是要問以problem造句??? for example 1. Unemployment causes a lot of social problems...

    • 英文文法 - problem 的用法

      Indicates problems flushing the session or talking to the database...48 補充: 我再舉個例好好了. ★Indicates problems badminton or going mountain. 為何 problem 後面要用...

    • Problem or Question

      ... of 阿義有健康問題,of course, we should use “problem” instead. Therefore, its English...language….problem). As a government entity, they could have problems of housing (social security/race/gang/tax/pollution/contamination...