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    proceed with

    • ph.
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    • ph. 繼續工作,接著工作

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    • proceed英文文法差別(~~火速緊急~~)

      ...extreme extravagance response as you're concerned with "tortoise hair". proceed with:-eg:-continue doing something already started eg:-We want to proceed...

    • 請問proceed progress

      ...計劃,就著手去做吧 2.繼續 ex: Please proceed with what you were doing. 請繼續把你剛做的事完成...

    • proceed??

      ...思路 然後是proceed 意思是 "繼續"前進 例句有:Should I proceed with the surgery ? 意思是 我應該進行這次手術嗎? 依我個人判斷 這3句 意思雖然...