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  1. procurement management

    • KK[proˋkjurmənt ˋmænɪdʒmənt]
    • DJ[prəˋkjuəmənt ˋmænidʒmənt]
    • ph.
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    • 一個小小的英文專有名詞 查到以下 Hines P - Filton Aerostructures: Procurement and Supply Management, Global Cases in Logistics and Supply Chain...

    • 急急急請幫忙中文翻成英文

      ... from taxes on the people, should be prudent use of management, however, shortcomings in recent years occasionally... engineering fraud, criminal police procurement scandal, etc. The reason it is difficult to purchase...

    • 拜託英文高手 幫忙翻譯 真的翻不出來 拜託了 急 !

      ...應該"是這樣: Qualification requirements. Quality management system requirements. Communicate with suppliers to ensure that the provisions of the procurement requirements prior to full and appropriate. Restrictive procurement...