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  1. produce

    • IPA[prəˈdjuːs]



    • vt.
      生產; 製造; 製作; 制定; 提出;出產; 產生; 培養
    • n.
    • 過去式:produced 過去分詞:produced 現在分詞:producing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 生產; 製造; 製作; 制定; 提出 to produce sth. from sth. 用某物做某物 to produce a meal 做出一頓飯
    • 2. 出產; 產生; 培養 these vineyards produce excellent wines 這些葡萄園出產美酒 the investment can be expected to produce a return of 12% 這筆投資預期回報率為12%
    • 3. 產生 to produce electricity from coal 用煤炭發電 a Chinese instrument that produces a beautiful sound 奏出優美樂聲的中國樂器
    • 4. 生育; 產生; 產出 to encourage people to produce fewer children 鼓勵人們節育 to produce leaves/flowers/fruit 長葉/開花/結果
    • 5. 引起; 激起; 產生
    • 6. 出示; 掏出; 提出 to produce sth. from ... 從…中掏出某物 to produce sth. from behind one's back 從背後拿出某物
    • 7. 製作 well-produced 製作精良的


    • 1. 農產品 agricultural/garden/farm produce 農業/園圃/農產品


    1. make or manufacture from components or raw materials

    2. (of a place or process) yield, grow, or supply

    3. make (something) using creative skills

    4. cause (a particular result or situation) to happen or exist

    5. show or provide (something) for consideration, inspection, or use

    6. administer the financial and managerial aspects of (a film or broadcast) or the staging of (a play, opera, etc.)

  2. 知識+

    • produce和make的不同

      1). 如果只是比較兩者「產生」的意思,produce有「自然產生」的意思,而make則較接近「人為產生...生產物品的某個地點,如Made in Taiwan.。produce為正式用語,意為「生產、出產、製造、創作」,其句子...

    • produce,product及production的不同?

      produce : things that have been produced esp by farming. 這...也就是耕作出來的產物. eg. This farm is famous for its fresh produce. product : thing or substance produced by natural or manufacturing process...

    • produce,make,manufacture用法異同

      ...jelly fish. manufacture = 專指工業上的製造。特別是大量的製造、加工製造。 produce = 很可翻譯成「出產」「創作」,工業、農業、財經上皆可,特別是電影、軟體...