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    • 生產者,製作者,製作人
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    • 什麼是cable access producers

      cable access = cable access channels/television = public access channels/television低消費或免費的第四臺 cable access producers = 上述電視臺節目的製作人。

    • rate busters的意思

      ...一點,這樣大家會很累@@"所以這句:workers will put pressure on high producers("rate busters") to work less hard員工們會對生產量比較高的工人...

    • 請英文大師幫忙修改英文句子

      ...the planning stage of the filming, the line producer manages the administration tasks. He...主詞’的句子,故暫時以 He 作為Line Producer的代名詞。 ‘勘景’ 是to survey the film scenery...