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    to one's profit

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    • 這個U.S. Sees Profit 英文 see為什麼加S

      ...是美國 United States 的簡寫,是一個國家,第三人稱單數當然加 Sprofit 可數不可數,當作投資的利益時通常要加 s (The return received...

    • 請問英文簡稱的S.P.Q.R.?

      Small profits and quick returns 薄利,迅速回本;薄利多銷(來收回本錢) Small profits 薄利 quick returns 收回本錢

    • 請問何謂: profit announcements?

      ...year we have been working with an industry that’s coming under increasing pressure from drought... with above inflation price rises and large company profit announcements. 我猜想這一段話是某一家管理顧問...