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  1. profit margin


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    • 會計專有名詞解釋

      Gross Profit 中文名稱: 毛利率 英文名稱: Gross Profit Margin 名詞定義: 在某一段時間內(通常為一年),公司的營業毛利除以營收淨額...

    • 年淨利的英文是?

      annual net profit margin is the rest profit of each products. if there is no adjective... the "profit" in after it, all the earnings, yield, profit, or returns will be considered as a whole income of any ...

    • 擔任業務銷售常會用到的英文單字?

      ...cost structure 報價(報價單): quotation, formal quotation 利潤(價差, 利潤空間): profit, profit margin, margin, profit gained (業務)佣金: commission, sales commission 暫緩: delay...