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  1. profit warning

    • n.
      a statement issued by a company advising the stock market that profits will be lower than expected.
    • noun: profit warning, plural noun: profit warnings

  2. 知識+

    • 麻煩我解一下幾題英文~~ setting the target of sale= achieving same seller's market result profits.

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      ... expert 16 德國專家: 營養物的攝取要按照性別來區分 17. Toymaker warns on profit; shares dive 17 玩具製造商對於獲利提出警訊: 股價也因此下滑 18. ...

    • check my gramma

      The WHO has warned all countries to have great concern for global ... and develop costly vaccines solely for profit. 我在WHO前加the 因為 WHO (World...