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    • 形容詞和副詞是否可以用and對等連接?

      ...沒有看透徹罷了: . . . . new companies with innovative (形容詞) and potentially profitable (副詞搭配形容詞的形容詞片語)ideas. 所謂對等連接詞的連接,詞性的對等...

    • 英翻中 急需 謝謝

      ... the next two years we shall focus on building a strong, profitable enterprise. This will be the foundation for growth in the years that follow. The company’s vision builds...

    • 急~英文翻譯,請各位高手幫忙,贈20點~

      The growth of voluntary, for-profit health insurance plans is more recent...客戶需求。 Health insurance has not always been profitable for private health insurers. 健康保險對於民營健康保險業者而言...