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    • 大量,慷慨,揮霍,充沛,浪費
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    • a profusion of horn-like ...??

      a profusion of horn-like plates that spread across his body 先指出這不是一個完整的句子, 而只是一個名詞plates帶有量詞與形容詞子句. 這裡的a profusion of = a large quantity of = a large number of = a great deal of = a great many...

    • 急! 幫我將這段文章翻成英文 10點

      ...male genital the bright a traditional adolescence such as park,when session,color in riotous profusion various kinds of cuckoo and all over the mountains and wilds...

    • 中翻英 兩個短句 修正 請高手幫忙看看

      the color is inriotous profusion Come and decided one's own toy changes by yourself 我覺得這樣比較生動