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    • english qustion about music

      In today's society where the music program is losing its stance in the educational curriculum, it is wise... written. By studying the different periods of music beginning with its earliest form and progressing to today...

    • 請問幾個英文問題:)

      ...a variety of是接可數名詞還是不可數名詞(還是都可以),可以寫成 a variety of music and programs嗎? a variety of接可數名詞還是不可數名詞都可以: I have read a large variety...

    • 請問這句新聞的英文如何翻譯呢?

      Today on our program, we make beautiful music. 今天,在我們的節目中,我們要製作美妙的音樂。 Well, we may not be...