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  1. prohibit from

    • ph.
      禁止; 阻止
    • 釋義


    • 1. 禁止; 阻止 They prohibited him from going there. 他們禁止他去那裡。 Who prevents their plans from being carried out? 誰阻止他們的計劃, 不讓實施?
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      ...from 呢? 可以用 to 嗎?  答:  這題是很經典的文法問題,樓主可能是將  prohibitfrom 物 ,與prohibit 物 to 人 這兩個句型混淆了。  所以The law prohibits...

    • inhibit 與 prohibit 怎麼分?

      ...: Smoking is prohibited 吸煙是禁止的 Law prohibits children from smoking. 法律禁止兒童吸煙 事實上, inhibit and prohibit 還蠻不一樣的, inhibit...

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      ...test you about how to use a PP (past participle) to form a participle phrase (prohibited from being carried onto the plane) and use it as an adjective to describe...