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  1. project management


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    • 中英對照表(20點)

      1.企劃管理部門 / Project Management Department 2.企劃研發部 / Project...22.生管及冶金技術課 / Production Management and Metallurgy Section 23...

    • 急找英文達人請幫我翻譯~~~(20點)

      The Project Management Institute has commissioned...unlike most literature on project success factors, project management literature does consider the role of the project manager...

    • 請將以下翻譯成通順的英文

      ...給您參考: 企業內部有許多正進行的專案管理(Project management)活動, 目前卻沒有一套公平有效的專案團隊( assessment system designed specifically for project team in the human resources department...