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  1. promisee

    • KK[͵prɑmɪsˋi]
    • DJ[͵prɔmiˋsi:]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • 受約人


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    • LAW Question

      ..., etc. In your context, "consideration must move from the promisee" means that the promisee must give certain thing(s) to the promisor (or ...

    • 甜蜜約定,,中翻英 ..

      ...smiley_1.gif signee/ signer 同意人--- Agree on by _______ guarantor/ promisee 男人--- male 女人--- female 成立日期---established date/ signing...

    • 20點~qua?好像是德文喔

      qua 是quality,也就是品質囉!!