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  1. proofs

    • proof的名詞複數
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    • proof跟prove有什麼不一樣?

      ... to prove to her parents that she could live on her own. proof可當名詞: We were unable to establish proof of her innocence...

    • proof可否翻譯成樣本???

      ... as "樣本". The formal term is "Contract Proof" or "Prepress Proof". It is a cost effective...

    • PROOF&VOL的差別

      Proof 是表示酒裡面的酒精濃度,單位是百分比的兩倍;如 80 proof 就是酒精濃度 40% 。 但是要注意,美國 (US) 的 proof 與 英國 (UK) 的不一樣算法;可到以下網站換算: http://www....