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    • 升學考試~經濟學問題~~~15點

      ...and therefore equilibrium price would drop and quantity demanded may increase less then proportionate to the increase in supply. for the concerts market, a increase in supply , ...

    • 分析句型 不長(非常急) !!!

      ... no coincidence that our present troubles parallel and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and...

    • 這是我的河川學翻譯 怎麼翻都不太順 請幫幫我 謝謝

      隨著之間作出選擇高風險和高回報,低風險與低回報。結果表明整齊分級覓食反響齡方面的變化風險和回報。 類似的實驗,進行魚的人工流的存在或缺乏天敵,封面,糧食被操縱(弗雷澤和cerri , 1982年; cerri和弗雷澤, 1983年) 。成人河鰱魚是食肉動物,而少年鰱魚和blacknose鯪魚...