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  1. protest song


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    • Advanced 翻譯 歡迎各位提供意見 謝謝你們

      這個組曲也包含了一首為男歌者寫作風格大膽的"異議之歌"--"the walkman",這是首富戲劇性且悲觀的作品,其靈感來自於詩本身的描述性,而非關Dehmel對Strauss激進的評論造成的轉變. (你該不會是音樂系的吧~感覺好像在翻譯西音史!!!)

    • 急件(10點)... 幫忙造句一下

      ...record v.錄音 I need a new record to record a few new songs.2.contrast v.使對照 contrast n.對照 It ...producer produced many good quality products.8.protest n.抗議 protest v.提出抗議 The protesters...

    • 一篇中文報導,誰能幫我翻成英文

      ...organization also wants to link four days loudly to sing the anti-communism song in the Legislative Yuan, these many protest actions, are must express the disaffection which comes to ...