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  1. protrusion

    • IPA[prəˈtro͞oZHən]


    • n.
      something that protrudes; a protuberance
    • noun: protrusion, plural noun: protrusions

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    • IPA[prəˈtruːʒn]


    • n.
      something that protrudes; a protuberance: a protrusion of rock jutted from the mountainside

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請問 ”mamelon”的中文意思是什麼?

      ... mamelon, "nipple") may refer to Mamelon (dentistry), a protrusion on a newly erupted tooth. Mamelon (fort), a small fortified...

    • 我的膝蓋英文病例

      ...還簡寫: 主訴;For military health certificate 軍中健康証明 臨床診斷;one protrusion mass over left tibia (左小腿脛骨有個凸出的腫塊) 簡單病例;ial tub erosity ...

    • 請問 bulge 的英文用法 just happy to see me? (笑) 如果是正常情況下的凸物,我可能會用protrusion, lump, hump等字。 例:Billy needs to go on a diet - there's...