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    • (中翻英)可以幫我翻這4句話嗎?中文有點文言...20點

      A proud cat; a gorgeous castle. Fight--animate in the checkerboard-like wall. The unlimited... surrounding. Lego--brainstorm the individual creativity & enable a cat to enjoy the pleasure of climbing.

    • 關係代名詞求解

      ... is playing with the cat. The cat which Tom is playing with is very... is the soldier. His mom is proud of him. John whose mom is proud...

    • 片語動詞與動詞片語的區別 ?

      ...return ! 的shall return 是動詞片語 --> (對) Do you love cats ? 中的 Do 跟love 是動詞片語 --> (對) 2014-02-06 06:53:19 補充: [be proud of ,be excited about, be fed up with 中的 be 是一般動詞...