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  1. prouder

    • proud的形容詞比較級
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    • 英文片語”proud of”該怎麼使用?

      列出”proud of”的四項文法會更簡潔明瞭喔!!~^_^ 以下為" be proud of "的文法句型 : (一) S.(主詞) + Be V.(be動詞) + proud...

    • 急!急!急! prouder more proud???

      供您參考! proud 是單音節,故其比較級為’prouder,最高級為proudest a) 如A, B就同一性質做比較: Tom is prouder of his wealth than Albert. (Tom比Albert更誇耀他的...

    • 急~~英文作文 : proud moment

      proud moment (part one) To everyone, there will be at least a proud moment in their lives. And I believe that proud ...