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  1. provide

    • KK[prəˋvaɪd]
    • DJ[prəˋvaid]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:provided 過去分詞:provided 現在分詞:providing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 提供[(+for)] On Sundays his landlady provided dinner as well as breakfast. 星期天,他的女房東不但供給早餐,還供給晚餐。
    • 2. 裝備,供給[(+with)] Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing. 她總算設法使她的孩子有飯吃,有衣穿。
    • 3. 規定[Y][+(that)] The law provides that these ancient buildings must be preserved. 法律規定,這些古老的建築應該保存。
    • 4. 準備,預備
    • 5. 【宗】任命……就有俸神職


    • 1. 撫養,贍養[(+for)] He tried to earn more money to provide for a large family. 他設法多掙錢以供養一個子女眾多的家。 He has a large family to provide for. 他有一大家子人要養。
    • 2. 作準備;預防[(+for/against)]
    • 3. 規定[(+for)] The constitution provides for citizens' rights and obligations. 憲法規定了公民的權利與義務。


    vt. 提供;裝備;供給


    「vt. 提供;供給」的反義字

    • conj.
      以……為條件;假如 Provided (that) there is no opposition, we shall hold the meeting here. 假如無人反對,我們就在這裡開會。
    • conj.
      假如 a picnic will be very pleasant, provided (that) we get good weather 如果天氣好的話,出去野餐很不錯
    • 假若


    • ph.
      供給; 為...裝備上 The ship was provided with radar equipment. 那船裝有雷達設備。 Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing. 她總算設法使她的孩子有飯吃, 有衣穿。
    • ph.
      為...提供... The men were provided with blankets against the cold. 人們為那些人提供毛毯禦寒。
    • ph.
      供應, 供給; 做好適當準備, 防備; 預備個人維生所需扶養 Father provided food and clothes for our family. 父親供給我們一家人的吃和穿。 The riot in the prison provided a chance for escape. 監獄中的暴動提供一個逃脫的機會。
    • ph.
      防備發生...; 為...作準備 The government has to provide against a possible oil shortage in the coming months. 政府須為未來幾個月中可能出現的油荒作好準備。 We have to provide against possible accidents. 我們要為可能發生的意外作些準備。
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    • IPA[prəˈvaɪd]



    • vt.
      提供 to provide sb. with sth. 為某人提供某物 to provide sth. for or to sb./sth. 提供某物給某人/某物
    • vi.
      提供生活必需品 the Lord will provide 上帝會恩賜的
    • 提供,供應,規定,裝備,預備作準備,瞻養,規定