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    • (Province of Taiwan)=台灣的一省 ?

      ... 就可 可是又不行要直接說是中國的一省可直接寫 Taiwan Province of China (Province of Taiwan)他們所表達的就是 "台灣" 啦...

    • 教師甄試英文問題高中聯招101年

      ...ethnic Chinese state, has always regarded Taiwan as a province of China. itself的修飾語(形容詞子句)將which is省略後只剩下「述部修飾語...

    • 英文介紹台灣小吃,附翻譯

      ...because most of the soliders were mostly origin from different parts of (provinces)China whiel they "unioned" together for the domestic battle. As the origin of where...