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    • 英勇,勇敢,超凡技術
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    • 英文學翻中~~

      ... noticed Scyla and began to reward his prowess. 每到秋天塞拉(Scyla)的維京長船就會載滿著戰利品歸來。因為載滿了...

    • stared in horror at the ...??

      ...the Army of the Seven Kings through feats of martial prowess andpowerful sorcery. He finally fell, not to a hero’s sword, but to a singlespear...

    • 請大大們 幫我翻譯,英翻中 贈點20

      ...鬥勁模式, 雙方或跟 電腦對決爭霸 . Celebrate your Peggle prowess with clickablereplays . and a Trophy Room! 慶祝 ,閣下...