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  1. psychological warfare


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    • 1. 心理戰 When facing your enemies, you cannot rely on physical warfare alone; psychological warfare is equally important. 對付敵人時,不能只依賴物理戰;心理戰也一樣重要。
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      ...century has seen propaganda dissemination called everything from "psychological warfare" to "information operations" to today's relatively clinical ...

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      .... Basketball is not only a physical competition, but also the intense psychological warfare. Experienced, mature veteran of personality, often the key to the ball at the last...

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      ...noun) 精神分析;心理分析 精神病患者 a. (形容詞 adjective) 精神病學的 精神病的• psychological warfare ph. (片語 phrase) 心理戰 psychologically ad. (副詞 adverb) 心理上地;心理學地 • psychologist...