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  1. public lavatory

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    • ~請大家幫我翻譯這段文章.好嗎?(簡明扼要)~

      ...我十分討厭煙味.更討厭抽煙的人. Often smell thick cigarette flavor in the public lavatory . Irritate the nose very much. It is almost unable to breathe...

    • 請問電腦門市英文翻譯

      ...要回答:thank you ,and you too (謝謝你,願上帝也保佑你)5.廁所在地下三樓→the public lavatory is on basement three6.那家店在上一層樓→that store is upstairs舊的...

    • 一些工共場所的英文

      ... closed. 步行路關閉 For public use 公用 Free of charge 免費 Fully air...use night & day 此門晝夜使用 Gents 男廁 Lavatories 廁所 Leave by entrance door 請不要堵住門口 man...