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    • 能否替我訂正英文─生態步道休閒 and high standard illustration service facilities.」and「should have proper footpath map, reduce path difficulty as much as possible so as to suit general public excursion。」etc as a set up principle. 步道所扮演的是使用者與象山自然資源極...

    • 英文作業 中翻英 have a succession of policy, constructs the bicycle footpath, the guidance to travel by populace DORTS, to let the urban...everybody had the idea, could ride the bicycle, ride the public vehicle, DORTS, the high-valence iron, the train...

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      ...escape, keep clear 安全出口,保持通暢 Fire exit only 僅作火警安全出口 Footpath closed. 步行路關閉 For public use 公用 Free of charge 免費 Fully air conditioned 空調...