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    • 公開,宣傳,宣揚,廣告
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    • 幫我翻譯,Bipartisan concerns....

      Bipartisan concerns over national security greeted widespread publicity over the Dubai Ports World Agreement.兩黨對鬧...

    • 請幫忙翻這段英文

      為尋求建立良好的關係,只要是有關大眾或是處理不宜的問題,都會影響到公司的宣傳。 publicity (n.) 廣告, 出風頭, 宣傳 unfavorable (adj.) 不宜的, 不理想的 deal with (phr.) 處理

    • routinly refused entry是什麼意思??

      A campaign (that led to wide publicity) were mounted (during the hieght of the hippie...the hippie era --- 嬉皮年代的極盛時期 that led to wide publicity --- 廣為宣傳或眾所周知 mount --- organize and initiate (a course...