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  1. puff up

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    • 1. (使某物)膨脹(如有空氣) The bird puffed up its feathers. 那鳥膨起了羽毛。 She puffed up the cushions. 她給墊子充了氣。
    • 2. 使驕傲自大 Never let anything puff you up. 決不要因任何事而驕傲自大。
    • 3. 吹捧; 吹噓 The newspapers puffed up that new athlete into a superstar. 報界把那個新運動員吹捧成為超級明星。 That boy puffed up himself in front of the girls. 那男孩在女孩面前吹捧自已。
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    • Who puff more owls than Tom?

      ...quite chilly here in Tucson, so the Great Horned Owls puff up their insulating feathers(所以我們知道貓頭鷹的羽毛有...

    • Don't let $3000 go up in a puf

      go up in a puff 就是像抽煙時,向天空吐一口煙,很快就無影無痕。 拿來形容浪費鈔票,中文可以用水來形容,也可以用火來形容。 Don't let $3000 go up in a puff. 別讓三千塊就這樣泡湯。 別讓三千塊就這樣付之一炬,了無痕跡。 別白白...

    • 耍大牌 / 大頭症的英文怎麼說

      ...這故事影響,常以「充氣」、「膨脹」比喻自大。Inflate是「充氣」,puff up是「(使)膨脹」。例如: I inflated the balloon(我把氣球充氣...