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  1. pull out of the fire

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    • 1. 使轉危為安 They just pulled the game out of the fire. 他們好不容易贏了比賽。
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    • 急問英文慣用語意思~~~~~~HELP!!!!

      ...可以做的事,DON'T: 不可以做的事情) 3.您說的 是否是"pull out of the fire" 他的意思是"轉危為安" 4.請假一天 5.您說的原始句子是否為"...

    • 請問cat's-paws

      ... to a very old tale about a monkey that persuades a cat to pull chestnuts out of the fire so as to avoid burning its own paws. The story ...

    • 急!需要英文高手找錯誤(20點) a year. 8.Plug which are unused for long periods must be pulled out. In addition to prevent from the risk of fire,it can also save energy. It can not only consistent with the needs of the...