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    pull the plug on

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    • 我想要pull the plug 的來源

      ...給拔了 也是說pull the plug 如果說要停掉某個企劃案, 就說 Its time to pull the plug on that project.

    • 產品基本功能敘述問題 (急20點)

      Plug 1.塞子,栓;堵塞物 She pulled the plug to let out the water. 她拔起塞子放水。 2.插頭,插塞 Just put the plug in the socket and switch on the machine. 只需將插頭插入插座並開動機器就行了。 3.(內燃機的)火星塞,點火...

    • 介紹烏魚子 請幫我翻議英文

      ... refrigeration before consumption Preheat the oven 3 minutes, pull the plug on the baked mullet roe into the oven in 2 minutes, so that its...