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  1. pull through

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    • 1. (使)康復健康 He is still quite sick, but the doctor is sure he will pull through. 他仍然病得很重, 但是醫生保證他將逐漸康復。
    • 2. (使)度過危機(或難關等) All the energies of the government will be needed to pull the country through her present difficulties. 需要政府的一切力量來使這個國家渡過她目前的難關。



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    • 翻譯(英文)

      ...驕傲覆蓋 讓我看不見自已的靈魂 Will you break down these walls and pull me through 你能夠幫我突破阻止這道瓶頸嗎? 附註: wall是牆壁的意思 在這裡應解釋為 那...

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      1. were taken over by 2.I tried to put forward 3. pull through 4. done away with 5. look into it 6.carry out 7. carried on(其實...

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      ...government proposed three new deals、the first support enterprise pull through and prevented the business failure、the second item was the tax...