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  1. pump something out

    • ph.
      produce or emit (something) in large quantities or amounts
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    • ph.
      produce or emit something in large quantities or amounts

    Oxford Dictionary

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      ... C. Conaway laid out his vision for Kmart soon after ... fuzzy description of the new Kmart mean something, Conaway must pump new life into tired apparel lines, such...

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      ..., such as toys or candies. Just like “drawing something out”, children can open one door from December 1 to Christmas...

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      ...的主詞是contingent ,前面有furiously knee-pumping修飾,其後有介系詞片語of ...當—正」Used to emphasize that something happens at the same moment as...even as he was going out.當他要外出,正好電話鈴響了It...