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  1. punch the (time) clock

    • ph.
      (of an employee) punch in or out
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    • ph.
      (of an employee) clock in or out

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 我要翻譯和例句~急急急~20點唷 謝謝~~~~~拉拉拉拉拉拉

      ... leg was bothering me because the weather was bad. 13.punch in at the time clock- -打卡 John punch in at the time clock just a second before his...

    • Does break in mean punch in?

      Break in (You come in after a break) Break out ( You go out for a break) I do not see "punch in and out " for as the same meaning as you said

    • 籃球英文術語

      ...violation:(籃下)3秒鐘之違例 throw a punch:出拳打架 throw in:發球入場 ...兩位防守球員包夾進攻球員 dribble out the time:進攻方以運球方式消耗掉比賽所剩下時間 eat up the clock:進攻方以運球或傳球方式消耗掉比賽所...