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    • 達人:請幫忙解釋以下的英文句子(我是否被罵了)

      ...處罰你 你不會因為做了這件錯是而受到大家或任何人的處罰 you will not be punished for your wrongdoings for= 為 punished= 處罰 你不會為...

    • 英文介系詞文法

      ... was loved by all for his honesty. He was punished for theft. (3) 表『目的』 表「一般的目的」 作「為了~」解 Let'...

    • 中翻英 幫忙一下囉

      ...punishment rules and amount will be counted as follow: Caution:Punished for NT$500. Small offense:Punished for NT$1,500. ...